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Education and Admission Consultants

Education and Admission Consultants

Canada environment provides one of the best educational experiences globally. From elementary school, colleges and Universities, Canadian schools accommodate students of all over the worlds. Students who study in Canada receive quality, internationally accredited education that prepare them for world of work in the future. Canada also provides an advantage of low tuition fees and living costs compared to other developed countries. We assist with the following:

  • Educational Counseling and Coaching – Assistance with Course and School Selection
  • Students Advising & School Search
  • Visa Support (Student visa, work visa, visa application for family members of students)
  • Accommodation Arrangements (for a token fee)
  • Mentoring and Support Services for Student
  • Post graduation Support Services
  • Transition to Permanent Residence

We are here to assist you in securing admission into the college/University of your choice in Canada.

It is important to note that education is a very popular migration route to Canadian permanent residence.

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